About The Show

Vegetarian Cooking For Carnivores was created for people who, like me, grew up eating meat….and actually like it.  But, whether for health or humanitarian reasons, we’ve decide to become vegetarians.  Addressing the needs and desires of the meat lover is an issue lacking in most vegetarian cooking shows.  You’re more likely to remain a vegetarian if you enjoy your food and don’t feel like you’re missing out.

After discovering the world of imitation meat products, my culinary repertoire exploded.  Forbidden foods such as spaghetti with meat sauce and cheesy ham casserole are, once again, on my menu.  The key to using faux (which is a fancy way of saying “fake”)  products is to find the right product for the right recipe – they’re not all the same.  Taste being subjective, I encourage you to try different brands and see which you prefer.  I always list the exact product I use in a recipe, but it’s merely a suggestion – feel free to substitute.

FYI – not all recipes in Vegetarian Cooking For Carnivores are meat oriented.  For example, in Episode 5 I teach how to make yogurt using a thermos.

A NOTE TO VEGANS:  Most of my recipes can be converted to vegan.  I would appreciate you posting your findings.

–  Bonnie  –

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